About us & Contact

About us & Contact

Official name
Foundation Sufi Museum Pir-o-Murshid Musharaff Khan


Murshida Shahzadi Khan – de Koningh

  • Establishment of the Foundation November 30, 1979, Deed of Incorporation
  • Amendment of the Articles of Association 1990
  • Latest revision of the Articles of Association: June 13, 2019


Former and current location

  • Banstraat 24 The Hague Holland 1993 – 2018
  • The Museum opened its doors at its new location at Anna Paulownastraat 78, The Hague Holland at Hejrat Day 2019 (Friday 13th)


Current board

Ruurdtje Dekker – Kaale, Chair and Coordinator

Paul Ketelaar, Secretary and Curator

Nur Rahman Rijerkerk, Treasurer


Visiting hours
The museum is open before and after activities in the Anna Paulownastreet 78 (Universal Worship Services, National Committee meetings, lectures, concerts, etc). Furthermore, the museum can be visited by making an appointment using our email adress.


Sufi Museum
Anna Paulownastraat 78
2518 BJ, Den Haag

Email: soefimuseum@gmail.com

Telephone: +31651497425

If you want to donate, you can use: NL21 ABNA 0513495290 (Thank you)


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