The museum collection contains thousands of photographs kept in over a hundred albums. Some photos are old and rare. We are currently listing all albums and describing its content. As soon as this work is done we will publish this catalogue on this page. To give you an idea, we have pictures of:


  • The time in India (Murshid and his family)
  • Portraits of Murshid and his Brothers
  • Summerschools throughout the last century
  • Mureeds of all ages and countries
  • The personal photo collection of Hidayat and Aziza Inayat-Khan
  • Personal scrapbooks of Murshid Musharaff and Murshida Shahzadi


The listing of all photo albums and photographs is a work in progress but here you can find the results so far.

Photograph Collection Sufi Museum The Hague

First picture of Murshid and his Brothers in the West. It was taken in New York in 1910.